Wayne Silva has bicycled extensively in the United States and abroad. His bicycle journeys include a ride from Sydney to Perth, Australia, where he crossed the continent and the notorious Nullarbor Plain, alone, self-contained and unassisted. His other bicycle journeys include a ride from Darwin to Sydney, Australia, by way of Alice Springs, Adelaide and Melbourne. He has traveled the north and south islands of New Zealand and Fiji by bicycle.

In the Australian Outback, Wayne pedaled through some very remote territory with few signs of civilization other than the road itself. In one part of the Nullarbor Plain, Wayne pedaled through a stretch of road for 745 miles (1203 km) without seeing any signs of electricity, power lines or grocery stores. The occasional petrol stations had to be powered by generators. This was equivalent to the distance from San Diego, CA to east of El Paso, TX.

Wayne’s first bicycle trip across Australia took him across the Hay Plains. While crossing the Hay Plains on a Sunday, the heat was so intense that it caused nearby railroad tracks to buckle. On that day, Wayne pedaled 146 miles (235 km).

A few days later, Wayne pedaled from Adelaide to Port Augusta, 190 miles (307 km) in one day.

Later in the same trip, while crossing the Nullarbor Plain, Wayne rode 1300 miles (2096 km) in thirteen days, riding straight through with no days off to rest. This was an average of 100 miles a day, or a “century a day” in cycling terms.

Wayne’s best day ever on the bicycle took him 252 miles while touring.

Maps of Wayne’s bicycle trips across Australia:

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Trip 1


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Photographs from Wayne’s travels in Australia:

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Radio Interviews with Wayne Silva in Australia:

ABC Territory Radio, Ian Jennison, Alice Springs

Carol Whitelock, ABC Regional Radio, Adelaide


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